The Next Generation of Creatives

AMM NextGen wants to embrace the new generation of creatives spearheading changes in the different fields of art, media, design, music, dance, theater, tv/film, fashion, food, culture, lifestyle, writing… If it’s inspired, we want to see it.

AMM has always understood that creativity is a cornerstone of contemporary culture, and it shapes the way we see the world and how we discuss it. We believe that people create their best work when they hone their gifts as part of a community that encourages them to try new things.

NextGen is that community.

We are looking for tomorrow’s trendsetters while they are on their way to the top. So, if you or someone you know is constantly creating, we would love to help share their talent with a wider audience.

Join us on this journey to share the next generation of creative expression!

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White House Letter to AMM
Jimmy Kimmel & AMM Publisher Michael Reiss
White House Letter to AMM
Jennifer Hudson & AMM Publisher Michael Reiss
White House Letter to AMM
Tony Bennett & AMM Publisher Michael Reiss

What Is AMM

Arts Management Magazine (AMM) is a print publication that champions excellence in the Arts, Innovation and Philanthropy. From its founding in 1962, AMM has recognized and promoted some of the greatest painters, sculptors, fashion designers, entertainers, writers, and photographers that the world has ever known.

AMM was the brainchild of futurist, Alvin Toffler, the best-selling author of Future Shock and The Third Wave, and Alvin Reiss who helped pioneer the field of arts management. AMM was applauded for its visionary work by the Kennedy Administration, and the AMM Awards have been hosted annually at the Kennedy Center for the last 50 years.

“It is our hope that the compassion and honesty of the Arts will continue to evolve with the accelerated rate of technological and informational change.”
– Alvin Toffler

Alvin Reiss’ son and AMM’s current Publisher and CEO, Michael Reiss, has continued the work they started 60 years ago by dramatically expanding the scope of AMM. From a blue-chip art advisory to a media group of influential publications, an elite event organization and A-list celebrity relations, AMM now encompasses a diverse selection of business services at the very top of creative industries.

The core element that unites everything AMM does is creativity. AMM NextGen is a new arm of the AMM core brand focused on building a community that celebrates the creative in all of us and the unique perspectives that make us who we are.

“With AMM NextGen, we want to embrace the new generation of creatives spearheading changes in their field”
– Michael Reiss

Check out the Arts Management Magazine website for more info and to see a digital copy of the latest edition of the print magazine.

White House Letter to AMM
Letter to Arts Management Magazine from the White House, 1963
White House Letter to AMM
Alvin Toffler
White House Letter to AMM
Alvin & Michael Reiss
White House Letter to AMM
Alvin Toffler, Future Shock
White House Letter to AMM
Alvin Reiss, Culture & Company