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AMM NextGen Presents: Leah Speaks

Episode 2, Wakanda Forever—More Than a Movie

By Leah Mallory

Black Panther was a box office hit back when it was released in 2018 and the sequel film Wakanda Forever is no different! The cast, soundtrack, and cinematography are unparalleled, but what does this film have to do with Gen-Z? In this episode of Leah Speaks, we talk to young Black Gen-Zers about Wakanda Forever and why representation matters to them. Featuring interviews with Lydia Williams and Kamau Nosakhere.

Episode 1, We Are Quitting

By Leah Mallory

Living in a capitalist society, getting a 9-to-5 job seems like the best way to ensure that you never go broke. It’s stable, secure, and consistent, but is this type of schedule worthwhile? To many, the 9-to-5 is dull and unfulfilling — especially to Gen-Zers who are ambitious and eager to do work that creates change in the world. This episode talks about how Gen-Zers and millennials have been abandoning the rigid 9-to-5 work day. We Are Quitting because we are unsatisfied. This episode features an interview with college theater student Jaden Perez.

AMM NextGen Presents: Remakes, TV Shows, Musicals, Oh My!

Episode 2, School of Rock

By Rachel Rosenfield

You want to rock? Well this episode has you covered. In this episode, we will be talking about the hit film, School of Rock. This film has had many adaptations which has brought this film to many new audiences. It is now the next victim of reboot scrutinization. People say Hollywood is running out of ideas, and we are going to find out if that’s true. Welcome to the School of Rock.

Episode 1, Legally Blonde

By Rachel Rosenfield

You name it, Legally Blonde has been it. This modern classic has been seen in many iterations, and it is time we talk about them. There are sequels, books, and so much more. This film has been through a lot. Welcome to the first episode of ‘Remakes, TV Shows, and Musicals, Oh My!’ where we do a deep dive on reboots of many different films. People say Hollywood is running out of ideas, and we are going to find out if that’s true. First stop, Legally Blonde.